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    Dear Community Members,

    Answer these two questions and help us improve LUCU experience. This would not take more than 2 minutes.

    We notice more than 5 of you download LUCU everyday!!


    BMC License Usage Collection Utility (LUCU) is a free tool offered to BMC customers and partners that gives organizations FeedbackNew.png

    the ability to maximize the value of BMC purchased licenses, create awareness of usage and budget for under/over usage.For more details and free download check out: BMC License Usage Collection Utility


    LUCU streamlines the license compliance process by providing a single source of reporting for 12 supported products with optimal efficiency. With huge demand on different features, we recognize there is scope of giving more to our customers and minimize any challenges they currently face.


    Here is your chance to let us know what you want.


    Click here  to give your input and help build additional value in LUCU.


    For any additional feedback reach out in below open space.


    Thank you very much for your time and support!