Create a new asset discovery scan manually

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    Any version of BCM supporting the asset discovery module.


    How can I create a new asset discovery scan manually?

    Asset discovery scans created through the wizard fail, how can i create scan configurations manually?


    - Go to Asset Discovery > Configuration > Scan Configurations
    - Right click on "Scan Configurations" then click on "Create scan configuration..."
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    - Select your new scan configuration then add credentials (in this example I only want to scan windows devices so I've only set smb credentials):
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    - Right click on the sub-node "Targets" then on "Create Target List..."
    - Add an address range to scan:
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    Make sure you scanner can contact this subnet
    - Go to Asset Discovery > Scanners > Your scanner
    - Right click on "Assigned Scans" then click on "Create scan..."
    - go to the tab "Scan configuration" and assign your scan configuration to it:
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    - Go to the tab "Target lists" then add your target list
    - Go to the tab "Assigned Schedule", refresh, then right click on "Assignment paused" and finally click on "Activate scan"
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    - Wait for the scan to complete!


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