BCM - How to know which modules are currently loaded on BCM agents

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    In case you need to verify which modules are loaded on BCM agents or to verify which version of BCM modules are running


    Modules are loaded depending your Rollout configuration but can be unloaded from BCM Console or via Operational Rules.


    Use attached CollectBCMModulesVersions.rar file to Import the 'Collect BCM modules versions' step. Check the KA 000121375 for more information on how to import objects in the console.

    You can then use use the 'Collect BCM modules versions' step in a rule in order to collect information about BCM loaded modules on each of your devices and store those information in Custom Inventory. So you will be able to query on those information and build report on them.

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    Then build an operational rule as following :

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    Assign it to your devices.  Once custom inventory is uploaded on Master you are able to use following information in Query and Report objects

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    Here is example of Report based on these information :

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    - This report returns all modules and their version for each devices :

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    - Here is an example of query that returns devices on which 'Filestore' module is loaded :

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