TSCO: which are the ETL modules (integrations) available in TrueSight Capacity Optimization?

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    I need to know if TSCO can extract data from a specific data source.
    How I can understand if there is a valid ETL module for this integration?


    In this article, I am referring to the last version released until now (11.5.01)
    For previous version, you can find the same page on the official documentation related to the version you are looking for.

    TrueSight Capacity Optimization can extract data from different data sources.

    As reported in the official documentation (https://docs.bmc.com/docs/capacityoptimization/btco115/overview-of-etls-830156527.html), there are different category of ETL:

    • Out of the box. These ETL modules are available with the product and supported
    • Market Zone Partner. These ETL modules are provided by BMC partners and may require an additional license entitlement (verify this with the BMC Account Manager). These module are supported. At the moment, we have two partners that provide these modules     
      • Sentry connectors
      • Moviri connectors
    • Community-based ETL modules: These community-based (formerly known as template) ETL modules are not distributed with the product,  do not require an additional license entitlement, but are not supported as noted on the Customization Policy page . You can download all these ETL modules from BMC Marketplace.
    • Project-based ETLs: These ETLs are available only through a professional services engagement and are supported based on the engagement terms. You can access these ETLs on the BMC Marketplace .
    For the   data sources not listed in one of these kind of modules  there is not an integration available, but it is possible develop custom ETL 
    The   custom ETLs, as the community ones, are   not supported

    A note: in out of the box ETLs there is a set of modules called   Generic that can be used to integrate other data sources 

    For example, if the need is integrated a not supported data source and this source is a database, it is possible try to use the   Generic SQL Extractor in order to import data without write a new custom ETL module. 
    The extraction query need to be written knowing the data source. This activity is in charge to customer and it out of support. 


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