Header Tab is missing when Admin tries to login as Lightning User in Remedyforce

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    Enable Lightning mode for a user. When Admin tries to login to User's account through "Login" button in User Detail page, Header tab is missing. It opens the Remedyforce Console page but the header tab is missing. User cannot logout or navigate to another page. When Admin opens a new tab and login to the Org again, it will show all the tabs correctly.

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    This behavior is identified as issue in Salesforce

    The issue is that the Login button should redirect to Lightning interface for the logged in user with URL adjusted properly, which is not happening currently. Salesforce has identified this as an issue related to the "Enable Visualforce Redirection to LEX" permission which needs to be enabled for the org.

    The permission is disabled by default.  To enable it raise a case with BMC Support or Salesforce Support to get this permission enabled in your Org. The Permission is called "Enable Visualforce redirection to LEX".

    When logging the case, mention the Enable Visualforce Redirection to LEX permission needs to be enables and refernce, Salesforce Case: 17103832.

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