Client Management: Os Deployment - Options 66 or 67, to use them or not to deploy or capture OS images

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    My network boot listener can't be on the same subnet that some targets, and the dhcp gateway doesn't seem to be working in this configuration, how can I solve this?

    I have several vlans/subnets onsite and I don't want to enable a network boot listener on each of them. Is there a way to work around this?


    The dhcp gateway only works if the network boot listener and the target are on the same subnet.



    The dhcp gateways has not been designed to work when the network boot listener and the target are in different subnets.

    To enable the network boot listener on subnets that are not his, the options 66 and 67 will have to be set on the relevant DHCP server, and the network boot listener, the DHCP server and the target will need to be able to communicate with each other. More information in this KA: Client Management: OS Deployment - Which ports to open on firewalls for the network boot listener to work?

    The problem with using these options is that the option 67 has to be set to the type of pxe boot file corresponding to the type of project that is being deployed on a target:


    - legacy/bios: pxeboot.0
    - efi 32: bootia32.efi
    - efi 64: bootx64.efi


    This is not handy in the real world if one has a mix of bios and efi devices in production.

    It is possible to set the dhcp servers to auto adapt to the type of project, some hints can be found in this Knowledge Article (KA): Client Management:Os Deployment - Configuring a 3rd party DHCP server to support network booting of Legacy and UEFI devices, but this is unsupported.


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