Remedy Smart Reporting – User creation (Introduction)

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    In Smart Reporting, users are not added manually instead they are added through the onboarding process. This process is managed by two utilities:


    User Onboarding utility
    This utility allows you to add BMC Remedy AR System users to BMC Remedy Smart Reporting. You must be an AR Smart Reporting administrator to use it (and you will have to provide an AR System administrator credentials). You can select users who belong to specific BMC Remedy AR System groups by using the appropriate user creation filter criteria.


    The following video shows how to onboard users from a single company:




    User Sync utility
    This utility maintains an automated synchronization between AR System user data and Smart Reporting. Using the Pentaho framework, this utility creates jobs to sync updates made in the Remedy user and People forms. There are two User Sync jobs:


    • UserSyncUtil_Job. This job is used for regular onboarding
    • UserSyncUtil_MSP_Job. This job is used only for multitenant onboarding.


    Whenever add or modify operations are performed on these forms, the corresponding job is signaled to be run at a scheduled time. In OnDemand the synchronization job is scheduled to run every 24 hours on each environment.


    The following video shows how to synchronize users on demand:




    Please note only user who satisfies the below criteria will get synced in smart reporting.



    • User must have fixed or floating license in remedy.
    • User status must be Current.
    • User must have unique email Address in Remedy (user with duplicate email will not get synced)


    For more information on this topic, please check the official documentation:


    Written with the collaboration of Durgesh Mange