TS Synthetic - Synthetic TEA Agent unable to send results to App Visibilty Collector

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    Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Transaction Monitoring


    BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter


    One location with 2 TEA agents is not running any synthetic script in our App Visibility Manager (AVM) environment. 

    We created 2 applications (with synthetic script only) in TSPS and assigned it to a location in AVM for execution- but the execution plans are not firing from this location. Another location in AVM is running these same execution plans so we know there is no problem with AVM or with the script. 
    This location has 2 TEA agents, and they are connected to the app collector. They are visible in TSPS.


    In the Synthetic TEA Agent logs, the following error message appears:

    -Failed to connect to xxx.xxx.x.xxx port 8200: Timed out url-[https://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:8200/collector/rest/synthetic/data], [buffer = No error]
    -Unable to send results to Collector. Check your Collector connection or configuration. HTTP error code=999 message=

    Note: xxx.xxx.x.xxx is the IP address

    Ensure the port for the above IP address is opened and then the Synthetic TEA Agent was able to send results to the collector and the results appeared in TrueSight Presentation Server (TSPS).

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