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Version 13
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    All ideas need to be created under respective Product community.



    About Ideation

    Q. Why should I create an Idea and not a discussion or a question?

    A. Discussions are intended to get fellow community members' opinion and questions are great choice when you are looking for answers. Ideas on the other hand talk about a solid 'what new' functionality we can have on the product. Moreover, only ideas are monitored by our product teams to get insights while setting the roadmap for upcoming releases.


    Q. Why didn't my idea make it into my BMC product?

    A. You have awesome ideas, but BMC cannot guarantee that they will be added to the product roadmap. BMC must balance community input with strategic direction.


    Q. Will I be financially compensated if my idea is actually delivered?

    A. If BMC uses your idea, BMC owns it. You will be compensated by knowing that your idea is in the product, adding value to your company and others.


    Submitting, Voting & Engaging

    Q. What do I do if my idea remains without a response?

    A. Some ideas rise quickly while others need refinement and many comments to clarify details before they start garnering broad support. Increasing engagement on your idea is the most effective way to promote your idea.


    Q. What's the minimum number of votes required for an idea to make the roadmap?

    A. Commitment to active response or review from Product Management is not based on a specific score or number of votes but rather is focused on the products' top voted ideas during release planning and other ideas as warranted based on their alignment with the product's strategic direction.


    Q. Will community participants from BMC be visible as BMC employees? Will their job titles be available?

    A. Yes, you will see a 'BMC Badge' next to the names of our employees and as a best practice, the BMC employees in the community are proud to share their job titles.



    Q. Do I need to provide information on product version and environment information?

    A. Ideas are largely free form and while it is not mandatory to include specific environment and version details, it definitely provides more clarity and context to the idea submitted.


    Q. Can I review only my own submitted ideas?

    A. Yes. Use the 'Your Content' option under main user dropdown to view a list of your submitted ideas.

    your content.png


    Q. Can I comment on an existing idea, and if so, how?

    A. Yes, all registered users can comment on ideas. Use 'Add a comment' option under the idea or 'Reply' to an existing comment to engage.


    Q. How can the creation of duplicate ideas be avoided? Can I search for existing ideas?

    A. While creating an idea, the system automatically generates a list of already existing, potentially similar ideas on the right side of the display window, which will allow the user to quickly determine if they may be submitting a duplicate idea. Users can also search within the community using the Idea search bar available on Ideas page.


    Q. What are some of the best practices to be followed while submitting the ideas?

    A. Be clear and specific on the details; i.e. explain the context, describe the issue and then propose an action. If the community covers multiple products, specify the product(s) for which you are submitting your idea. Also, ensure that you are not creating a duplicate idea.



    Idea stages and workflow

    Q. How do I know about the various idea stages and what they mean?

    A. You can check out this document which explains idea stages and what they mean.


    Q. How often will BMC review submitted ideas?

    A. The BMC Product team reviews ideas on an on-going basis and more formally as part of the normal release planning process. BMC will periodically inform you about idea status, but you can check the stage of a specific idea at any time.


    Q. Will the idea submitter, or interested users, be notified if the status of an idea changes?

    A. Each idea has an associated status; the BMC Product Management will be responsible for updating status as the idea is progressed. Submitter will be notified of any change in stage via email and others can follow the idea in their inbox.


    Products without ideas

    Q. Are all BMC products using ideas?

    A. No. Although you can create ideas for many of our products, BMC has not yet activated the Ideas functionality for Control-M. Contact Support to request enhancements.


    Q. Can I still open an RFE via the Support Central?

    A. That facility is available only for those products that do not yet have Ideas enabled in BMC Communities.



    Q. Are ideas included in the results of BMC Support search?

    A. No. Ideas are part of BMC Communities, which has extensive search capabilities.


    Q. Can I restrict access to my own or my company's ideas?

    A. No, ideas are posted on public communities and will be visible to everyone.


    Q. Enhancement requests have historically been linked to Support Issues; will ideas be linked to tickets in the future?

    A. No. Ideation is an independent program with no association to BMC's existing Customer Support tools.



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