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    Remedy AR System Server


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    Remedy AR System Server


    How to install additional language packs, for example, Chinese language pack when it is not available in the list of languages to install?


    1- Run the installer and select the additional language pack to be installed.
    Note: Backup the original database instance before performing this operation.

    2- To have supportability for languages with multibyte charaterset like Chinese for example, when ARServer is installed for the first time the unicode option must be checked.
    To check for example if ARS is installed with the unicode option or not, this can be seen in the main installation log in the below line as an example:

      Sep 04 2017 09:45:27.398 AM +0800),INFO,com.bmc.install.product.arsuitekit.platforms.arsystemservers.arserver.ARServerDatabaseTypeValidationTask,
        LOG EVENT {Description=[  Unicode Option Not found in ARServer Entry in ARMonitor  ],Detail=[]}
       The database needs also be a unicode database.

    It is not a simple task to change a database to unicode after  installation.

    Check the below reference in the AR System's documentation:
    Migrating your database to Unicode



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