Receiving Caught Exception 'treetable' Error when Accessing the DMT:Job Form

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Receiving Caught Exception Error when Accessing the DMT:Job Form

    Exact error:
    Caught exception :Object doesn't support property or method 'treetable'

    Although the symptoms seems to point to DMT workflow or form definition problems, this problem is rooted in the Midtier installation of the javascript JQuery files.

    Midtier 9.1.02 or 9.1.03 installs a newer version of the JQuery javascript files, version 3.1.
    When Midtier 9.1.02 is installed on top of an existing midtier, these JQuery javascript files are not updated.

    The 9.1.02 midtier will call for these files using the all-lower case filenames.   If the files are present on the file system as mixed-case filenames, then the calls may result in a HTTP 404 error.   This HTTP 404 error will not be visible to the user but will only be seen in a network capture tool such as Fiddler.    



    The solution is to manually copy these files from the installer or from the latest hotfix applied your 9.1.02 system.

    The needed files are attached to this article but can also be located in the installer.
    To locate the files in the 9.1.02 or 9.1.03 installer, you will drill down into Disk 1-->files -->midtier.   Open the and drill down into resources\standards\javscript\JQuery directory.

    Extract the following two files:   jquery.treetable.css and jquery.treetable.min.js
    Delete the current copy of the files from the <9.1.02 midtier install>\resources\standard\javascript\JQuery directory.
    Delete the juery-1.4.2.min file from the same directory
    Copy the extracted files to the <9.1.02 midtier install>\resources\standard\javascript\JQuery directory.

    The directory will contain:
          images (folder)

    No restart of the midtier is required.   Browser cache should be cleared before retesting.


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