Numerous AX_*.log files are created continuously in the Control-M/Agent proclog directory, rapidly using up disk space

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    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows 9.0.00 and higher;


    Many (over a thousand) AX_*.log files are created in the Control-M/Agent per minute.
    They all contain the following error:

    0825 10:09:01:465: Control-M/Agent has encountered the following critical error:  0825 10:09:01:465 AX:send_Xalert: Xalert message is Job with OrderID 0abcd and RunNo 00001 was not tracked for 47295 seconds. 
    The problem is caused by a *.dsect file stuck in the Control-M/Agent status directory.  The name of the file will start with the orderid of the related job (  0abcd in the example message above). 
    The related job is likely either not in the active environment anymore, or has ended or is stuck in an Executing status. 



    CAR00149343 - Multiple AX* diagnostics file are created in the Agent proclog directory and filling up the disk space when status file is corrupt and AT detect it as starved


    CAR00149343 has been fixed in FixPack 400 for the Control-M Agent version 9 and FixPack 100 for Control-M Agent version 9.0.18. Please apply the latest FixPack to resolve the issue.



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