Client Management: How to deploy an agent through a GPO

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Any version of BCM >= 11.5


    I can't push rollouts using a rollout server because the Windows shares are disabled.

    I can't push rollouts using a rollout server and I want the agent to be installed on the device when the first user logs onto the device.


    In this example:
    - the rollout config is set to deploy relays. It is still applicable to deploy clients as well.
    - the relay Installation path is the same than for a client: C:\Program files\BMC Software\BMC Client Management\

    1- Configure the agent installer
    - create or use an existing rollout configuration of the type "Windows (All architectures)"
    This other KA might help create a new pull rollout configuration if required:
    Client Management: How to create and deploy Agent Rollouts to the Client by using the pull mode
    - [Optional] update the "Auto-extractable Name" to find it more easily later on the rollout portal, e.g:

    User-added image
    - if a new rollout configuration is created then make sure all mechanisms required to select the relays in the environment are set in its sub-node Agent Configuration > Communication
    - assign it to any rollout server (_YOUR_ROLLOUT_SERVER_NAME_ in the next step) - The master might be the simplest to select if it is not in the Saas. If it is in the Saas then the first relay might be a better choice.
    - go to the tab "Assigned Schedule" and click on "Generate Rollout Package":

    User-added image

    - go to https://_YOUR_ROLLOUT_SERVER_NAME_:_PORT_/rollout (_PORT_ is "1610" by default)
    - download your rollout configuration from there (check the field "Autoextractable Name" in your rollout configuration) - In this case it's called "BCM_Relay_Install.exe"

    2- Prepare your GPO
    - copy your exe in a share, e.g \\<DNS SERVER>\SYSVOL\<domain name>\BCM\
    - create a script to deploy the agent, e.g:

    If exist "C:\Program files\BMC Software\BMC Client Management\bin\mtxagent.exe" goto fin if not exist "C:\Program files\BMC Software\BMC Client Management\bin\mtxagent.exe" goto rolloutinstall goto fin  :rolloutinstall "\\<DNS SERVER>\SYSVOL\<domain name>\BCM\BCM_Relay_Install.exe" goto fin :fin
        - set it as a logon script


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