Free Disk Space - Disk space maintenance: What can I clean on the agent to free space?

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    I need to clean some space on my master and/or relays.

    I'm running out of space on some of my master or may relay, how can I free some space?

    I want to avoid BCM to use too much space on my master and relays over time.


    Some datas are not cleaned up automatically from BCM.



    A- Clean old versions of the packages you have published:


    This would apply to the master. When you publish a package from your packager it'll create a new folder containing this package in the folder ../master/data/Vision64database/packages. The package will be stored in a sub folder named by the checksum corresponding to this version of the package.


    Every time you republish a new version of an existing package it will create a new package in sub folder named by its corresponding new checksum. If you fix or update your packages (regularly or not, several times or not) it can quickly take a lot of space over time because the old versions of the package are not deleted automatically. This is because some devices might still be assigned to the package with its older version.


    These older versions of your packages can be deleted by simply going the menu "Tools" in the upper left of the console then "Clean-up Old Packages".


    Warning: devices that were already assigned to the package or an operational rule (OR) containing the package before you republished the package will still request the older version of the package. Therefore you'll need to reassign all these devices that have still not executed the package to this package/the OR that contains it.




    B- Clean published packages:


    This would apply to the master. If you have been using the application for quite a long time, there's a chance you have published quite a few packages that you do not need anymore. You should probably go to the node "Packages" in the console, review the packages there and delete the ones you do not need any more. Do not forget to unassign them properly prior deleting them, as described in the KA 000124835.




    C- Clean packages from your package factory:


    As explained in this document you can send back any published package to any package creator, so there's no need to keep the package in the package factory where you built it as explained in the KA 000142935.


    Do not forget to, at least, delete the package from there as well when you'll delete its publish version from the "Packages" node.




    D- Clean packages that have not ben requested for a while:


    This would apply to relays. The filestore module (which handles file transfers between the master, the relay(s) and the clients) can be set to delete packages when they havn't been requested by its children for a while.


    Don't worry: if a child of this relay requests this package after it has been cleaned-up from the relay filestore, the relay will simply request it again from the master, then the client will be able to downloaded from the relay once the relay will have completed the download from the master again.


    To enable this, or to check that it's already set to clean them regularly then go to the relay ..\config\filestore.ini edit it and check the parameter "PackageTTL=". If it's set to "0" then the packages are never deleted from the ../data/filestore/downstream of your relay. Set it to the value that you thing would be acceptable for a package to be deleted from the relay filestore, then restart the service of the agent right way for the setting to be taken into account.


    Warning: if you have a poor bandwidth between the master and the relay or between a level 2 relay and its level 1 relay etc you might want to set a big value for this parameter, in order to avoid situations where the relay(s) will frequently redownload packages.




    E- Clean patches:


    This would apply to the master. The size used by the downloaded patches for XP, a an example, can be very big for customer who started to use the product at a time they still had a lot of Windows XP devices to manage. As all devices have now been upgraded to Windows 7 the space they use on the drive is even more of an issue as they've became useless.


    Starting from 12.6 it is now possible to do this automatically at start of the service of the agent. Before this version no built-in method ws implemented yet. See the KA 000114912 for details.




    F- Clean the old update manager update files:


    This would apply to the master. When the update manager will have downloaded a new update for the security products management and/or for the software catalog the zip files from the previous downloads will never be deleted. This can take a lot of space after a while. See the KA 000120555 for details on how to clean these.


    Note: don't worry about the fact that it requires you delete the downstream sub folder and the filestore.sqlite: on the master we only create the folders corresponding to the package names and do not copy the files there as they're already stored in ../master/data/vision64database/packages. Only the patch kb and the update manager updates are stored there, that's why you will have to redownload them after having made this cleanup.




    G- Clean the OSD projects and the drivers you do not use anymore:


    You should review your OSD projects, images and driver files. Even the drivers can take a lot of space if you imported every drivers you had for a device, without filtering at start. Images can take a lot of space as well and they might be stored on the osd manager itself.






    If this did not free enough space you still can:
    - divert this how-to and set the repositories on a new/other disk of your master/relay, instead of the actual folder.
    - create symbolic links to another disk from the ../data/filestore, ../data/vision64database/packages, ../data/vision64database/patches folders.
    See the KA 000129468 for details.


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