When trying to use POSTMAN to get the login Token, receiving an error indicating "Could not get any response"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    All 9.1 version


    When trying to connect to POSTMAN and trying to create the Token when using a self-signed certificate, the connection is getting an error indicating the site is not accessible.



    Use the same URL used in POSTMAN to create the token in your Chrome browser (https://webserver:port/api/jwt/login), let Chrome error and then set Chrome to ignore the error message. You do this by selecting the option next to the URL address line "NOT SECURE", then select "ADVANCED" option on the page. At this point there should be a link on the bottom of the page "Proceed to <webserver> (unsafe)" This should allow the Chrome browser to ignore the certificate error and this carries through to the POSTMAN app within Chrome.

    You should now be able to use the login URL in your POSTMAN app in Chrome to return a valid Token for your REST API.

    If you are using a stand-alone POSTMAN app, this option will not work. If you are using the Stand alone application for POSTMAN, try opening Chrome and adding the POSTMAN add-on to your Chrome Applications and retest.

    For more information about stand alone POSTMAN please review the following links:





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