Within the Contract Management Console, we are not able to create a Master Contract in Portuguese locale.

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    Remedy Asset Management Application


    Remedy Asset Management Application


    While logged in as a user with Portuguese locale, in the Contract Management Console, nothing happens when "Contrato Master" is selected from the Create drop down menu.


    This has been identified as Defect ID SW00534882.

    The root cause of the problem is a value in one of the localized SHR:SchemaNames records.

    Please do the following:

    1.  In the midtier, open up the form called SHR:SchemaNames in Search mode.

    2.  In the Nome Proprio field (English:  Proper Name), type %Master% and then Search.

    3.  Find the record where the value for that field is "Master Contrato".

    4.  Change that value so it's reflected as "Contrato Master" and save the record.

    You should now be able to open up a new Master Contract window while utilizing the Portuguese locale.

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