Discovery / ADDM: The Consolidator is not processing devices / scans from all scanning appliances.  Not consolidating.

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    The Consolidator is updating some of the devices from some of the scanners, but not from all scanners. Or, the Consolidator is not updating any devices from any scanners.


    To diagnose/fix:

    1) Login to the Consolidator UI, and go to the Discovery page (Manage > Discovery, or just Discovery depending on the appliance version).  
    Confirm that the message at the top of the page is:  Discovery is RUNNING. If not, then click "START ALL SCANS".

    2) Still in the Consolidator UI, go to Administration > Discovery Consolidation.
        You will see a list of Scanners that send data to this Consolidator.
        Beside each scanner is a "Last Data Push" date.  Check those dates.
        If a Scanner has not pushed data in a long time, then click on the Scanner Name, and you will be logged into the Scanner GUI. (enter credentials if prompted).
        Now, in the Scanner GUI, go to the Discovery page.
        Make sure that Discovery is RUNNING  on the Scanner. If not, then click "START ALL SCANS".

    3) If neither of these resolves the problem (i.e. everything was already "RUNNING"), then proceed with this list.

    4) In to the Consolidator UI, go to Administration > Discovery Consolidation. Take a screen shot of this page

    Use the following steps to break and recreate the connections between Consolidator and Scanners.

        Click on each Scanning Appliance (to go to that scanner's UI in a new tab).  Click "Unset as Scanning Appliance"
        Return to the Consolidator UI and click "Unset as Consolidation Appliance"
        Recreate the consolidation connection:  
        In the Consolidator UI click "Set As Consolidation Appliance".
        In each Scanning Appliance, go to Administration > Discovery Consolidation, and click "Set as Scanning Appliance" (enter the appropriate information)

        When all connections have been reset, the consolidation should start working again.

    5) If this still did not resolve the problem, please see one of the following KA's, depending on your appliance version:

          ADDM 9 & 10: Not all scanners shown in consolidation list on the Consolidator. Consolidator is not consolidating information from all the Scanners.

          Discovery 11 and later: Cannot add more consolidators to a scanning appliance
    6) The problem should be resolved by one of these methods


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