Instructions for the NGL Output group changes to take effect

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    How to activate the changes to NGL Output group Parameters?


    Refresh the DOM agent for Output Group changes to take effect. Enter console command /dcssid DOM,REFRESH

    Optionally, use the following instructions to verify changes made to Output Group/NGL LOGSET parameters:
    1) To verify the changes made to Dataspace buffer size for an Output Group. see DBC JESMSGLG message:

          BMC24524 DC01 Outgrp 001 trk  nnn of    yyy in DATASPACE 
    where DC01 is the DBC SSID.  
                yyy is the approximate number of tracks.  
    2) To verify changes made to the NGL LOGSET parameters, enter console command and look at the output displayed in the DBC JESMSGLG.  
       /dcssid NGL,CMD,piid,DISPLAY LOGSET   logset-name  where    piid is the NGL PIID for DOM. To determine the NGL PIID, look for message BMC24561 in the DBC JESMSGLG:  
    For example,    BMC24561 DC01 LOGSET     DC01L001 Successfully defined and connected to    NGL agent DOM1 at V10.3.00. 
      The NGL PIID is    DOM1.  
    The LOGSET name is    DC01L001 for Output Group 001. 
      Example: To display LOGSET information for Output Group 001, enter console command:  
      Note: Any changes to the    LDS DSN prefix will only apply to new data sets created. The existing names will remain in use. 
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