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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Any web application that uses a browser and experiences caught exceptions (Midtier and Innovation Studio as an example)


    I got a caught exception. What to do with it? 


    Caught exceptions are the last chance to identify a problem on a browser run-time. Without this warning, the web application on the browser would be broken.

    The browser gets code: javascript, html and css to display a page.   In this combination, there is usually a javascript path in the code that causes an error.   Since the error is not handled by the web application code, the browser throws the exception as a way of saying : Javascript error

    Question: Is the Caught exception error the same as "Page is not responding" with wait or abort options?

      Answer: No. A caught exception does not have options associated to it. Once reaching it, there is little to do to continue working.  
    A "Page is not responding" with abort/wait options is a message cause by the browser as some script is detected as running too slow. This would be considered a performance issue and troubleshooting is slightly different. 
    Reasons for a JS Caught Exception:  
    • Javascript coding error
    • Javascript out of sync with other resources like html, css or other javascript libraries. ,There are several variations of this:     
      • Fresh Javascript 
      • Javascript cached at browser or server
      • Javascript working with a resource that is usually loaded beforehand but not when the error happens - Slow networks or browsers
    • There could also be a namespace problem : eg 2 libraries using the same variable name like $
    • Browser defect
       Scenarios on midtier that can cause a caught exception.  
    • Patch or hotfix applied without flushing cache including network http/html  optimizers
    • Workflow changes without flushing cache including network http/html  optimizers
    • Overlays 
    • Forms or fields created outside developer studio
    • Defect
       How to troubleshoot it?
    If an exception is random, BMC Support will want to establish a webex session to observe the exception as it may be a runtime situation (something where the code doesn't change and only the external conditions change, such as network speed or loading sequence) 

    If the exception is reproducible on demand:  
    Replayable fiddler logs are usually the way. It will collect all the resources delivered to the browser that end up creating the exception.  
    See link for instructions:

    Once we have the exception live (on webex or  with replayable fiddler)  
    1. Identify the file showing the exception . Something like Caught exception http://.../arsys/resources/javascript/.../moz/ClientCore.js:11 . Usually browser F12 console shows where the error was detected. User-added image
    3. If the file is optimized (all in a single line) , use the "pretty print" feature on your browser  (bottom left icon {} )
    5. Once you have identified the line. go to Call Stack and also Scope Variables and get a screenshot of both sections
    7. With this information at hand, a fiddler capture may also be useful to have a more complete picture
    This information would be very valuable to understand why the error happens 



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