The total number of hosts displayed in "Hosts & Containers" is greater than the actual number of discovered hosts

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    In Discovery default and custom dashboards, the total number of hosts which are displayed in "Hosts & Containers" is greater than the actual number of discovered hosts as shown in the following screenshots:- 

    > Total number of hosts displayed under "Hosts & Container" are 8921

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    > While total number of discovered hosts are only 6691. 

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    To display node kinds in a dashboard, the summary channel on the dashboard asks the datastore for node counts every time you refresh the page or click the refresh icon on the channel. It uses the kindCounts method which provides the stored count for given node kinds.

    By contrast, clicking on the host icon in the summary channel, invokes a search query (search Host) for all the hosts. This does not rely on the stored count and actually recounts nodes, which provides the actual number of discovered hosts.

    Occasionally the stored count and the actual count for each node kind may differ, especially when there is some data to rebalance on a fault tolerant cluster. Over time, those counts should be the same. This was not happening in this case, where the stored count for host nodes (displayed on dashboard) was greater than the actual host count. 
    A review of appliance logs did not reveal a root cause for this. Running a db_verify on all cluster members did not display any datastore problems. 

    As a part of cluster performance improvement, the customer added a new member to this cluster, which invoked rebalancing. After this, the issue was resolved and now the displayed number of hosts in the dashboard is equal to the discovered host count. 

    We suspect some datastore\ rebalancing issue, as the customer earlier had a problematic member in their fault tolerant cluster which was removed. This may have caused this problem, and adding a new member and rebalancing  resolved the issue. 

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