Last modified date/time and name automatically changes in Knowledge Article

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    Remedy Knowledge Management Application


    Remedy Knowledge Management Application


    BMC Remedy Knowledge Management Application


    1. When ever we view a knowledge article from Incident console, it automatically changes the last modified name and date/time even if we have not done any changes to the article. 

    2. Last modified date/time and name changes automatically just by viewing knowledge article. It shouldn't change the fields if we are not modifying anything in it. 

    3. Search an Incident --> go to Function --> Search Knowledge Base --> Open a KBA and view, don't do any changes --> copy the viewed KBA ID --> Open Knowledge Article Management console --> Search the KBA ID --> check the last modified date/time and Name -->it will change to your name. 



    When the article is viewed the view count is bumped up and written back into the article itself, thus last modified date gets changed.

    The last modified date is an AR Function, since items are updated on the Knowledge Article Manager form it updates the date due to it being an AR form.

    For now one should use the article history link instead.There's a open defect for this 
    SW00561750, This defect is targeted to be addressed in ITSM/Smart IT 20.02

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