The TSIM database process dbsrv does not start

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Database


    All versions of TSIM and BPPM.


    Both pw system status and pw process list shows the dbsrv process (Sybase database) is not started.

    Trying to start the database on its own (pw p s dbsrv) or restarting TSIM (pw system start) does not start the dbsrv process.

    The TrueSight.log contains the following error messages:

    ERROR 06/03 04:03:55 Library              [XXXX] 103036 Database Connection Failed. Cannot create a new connection for {0}.
    java.sql.SQLException: JZ006: Caught IOException: Connection refused: connect


    Database file is missing or incorrectly named


    Check the storm_<hostname>.log in the pw\asatmp directory to see if it contains the following:

    E. 06/03 14:04:52. Cannot access "c:\bmc\TrueSight\pw\sybase\storm_<hostname>.db": file does not exist
    I. 06/03 14:04:52. Database server shutdown due to startup error
    I. 06/03 14:04:55. Database server stopped at Mon Jun 03 2019 14:04

    If yes, go to the mentioned path and verify if the named .db file exists.

    If no .db file exists, then recover the file from a backup.

    If there is a .db file in the directory but it does not match the filename given in the log, take a copy of the file then rename it so it does match then try to start the database

    By default, a weekly full backup of the database is taken to the <install_dir>\pw\dbarchive directory which can be copied back if it exists.

    Alternatively, if there is a previous disk backup or VM snapshot, then that could be used to restore the file.

    If there is no backup then the only remaining option is to uninstall and then install TSIM again.


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