After installing Control-M Application Integrator Fixpack3, I´m unable to login to the  Application Integrator web portal due to unresolved GUI Server, why ?

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    Control-M Application Integrator


    Control-M Application Integrator version 8.0.00


    After installing Fixpack 3 on the Control-M Application, I'm unable to login to the Application Integrator due to the "Login" button is unavailable and it´s is unable to retrieve the name of the GUI Server and prints the message "Loading Server Name .."

    The problem has been identified when the Fixpack installation on the Control-M/Enterprise Manager did not copy, and file aisrv.war was not properly updated.


    Incorrect installation


    Two root causes encountered:

    a) Please install again the Fixpack3 on the EM Server as instructed in the release notes in page 25 - chapter Installation on Control-M/EM.

    Double check the file  aisrv.war has been updated on the Control-M/Enterprise Manager Server in path:


    b) If fixpack3 installed successfully and aisrv.war file have same date of fixpack 3 ( Double check and compare with the file  installed-versions.txt of the Control-M/Agent where Control-M Application Integrator is installed, check the package-date), simply restart the Web Server.

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