Idea Stages Explained

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    If you have ever submitted an idea for a product line in BMC Communities, you might have noticed that the idea you submitted moves through various stages. Ever wondered what those stages mean? Here's a quick overview of the idea stages that we have here in BMC Communities.


    Idea Stages     Idea-Shine.jpeg



    The default stage when an idea is created. This will be converted to the 'New' stage a few hours later, at which time the author of the idea will receive a notification containing the details of Ideas process.



    Active ideas are moved to New stage overnight and they are still in their starting phase and open for voting. Check for this stage when you look for the latest submissions to vote on!


    Below Review Threshold 

    After the 'freshman' ( read 'New' stage) period, if an idea still hasn't received enough votes to be in the top of the idea pool, they will be marked as Below Review Threshold. Voting is still ON and it can move up through stages depending on the votes.


    Product Team Review

    Ideas that are most voted up and stays within top section of the idea pool are moved to this stage and considered for the product team's review. Once the review is complete, the future of this idea will be notified by a change in stage. The response time would vary depending on each product's release cycle.


    Not Planned

    Ideas that got the least number of votes after a considerable time duration and still stays at the bottom of the idea pool will be marked as 'not planned'. No further updates will be made to the idea. Keep engaging on the ideas and improve scores to avoid being in this stage.


    On Roadmap

    Ideas reviewed by product management and are decided to be in our product roadmap will be awarded this stage. However a confirmed release date won't be available for your idea. Updates will be made to ideas in this stage when it is under development.


    Coming In Next Release

    Idea is currently under development and is targeted for general availability in the upcoming release. Status of this idea will be moved to 'Delivered' after successful release.



    Congratulations! Your idea is delivered and is generally available. No further updates will be made and voting will be disabled.



    Same idea has already been posted in the product community. Please vote up and engage on the master idea. No further updates will be made here.


    Already Offered

    Capability is already provided, natively or with a business partner. No further updates will be made to the idea.



    Ideas those which the product management decline are marked so. Justification will be provided in the comments section.



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