MidTier version 9.x compatiblity with Tomcat version 8.x/9.x

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Remedy AR Mid Tier 9.x


    We would like to upgrade OOTB Tomcat product version 7.x shipped with MidTier to Tomcat version 9.x for security reasons.
    Is Tomcat version 9.x compatible with AR Server version 9.x?


    Our OOTB Tomcat product version shipped with MidTier is 7.0 patch 59. This Tomcat version string has been validated by our product quality team before the product is released.

    For Tomcat version 9.x, this version string is not tested by our product quality team. There would be potential issues found on Tomcat version 9.x with AR Server version 9.x. A known issue is that unable to open CMDB Console on Tomcat version 9.x, receive "Plugin not initialized error"

    AR Server 9.x is not compatible with Tomcat version 9.x


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