Significance of fields available in SLM:Measurement form.

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    BMC Service Level Management


    What are the significance of OverallStartTime, GoalSchedGoalTime, DownStartTime, MeasurementStatus, DownStopTime, DownElapsedTime, UpTime, UpStopTime, UpElapsedTime, UpStartTime, OverallStopTime, MetMissedAmount fields?



    Service target processing is done at two places:

    • AR System for AR System data sources
    • Collector for the non-AR System, metric data sources.

    For request-based and availability service targets, processing is performed using filters on the application form and the SLM:Measurement form. The auto-generated filters on the application form create and update the record in the SLM:Measurement form. Filters on the SLM:Measurement form perform further calculations.

    Please go through below link to get a better understanding of fields. 


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