DWP Catalog/DWP - FTS Configuration: Catalog search is not working for SRDs, Services, Tags - INCLUDES VIDEO

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    MyIT Service Broker


    MyIT Service Broker


    DWP Catalog 3.2.0, 18.00, 19.00


    Users when search the Services from the Catalog tab in MyIT do not see SRM - SRDs imported by the Catalog
    Check KA 000355870 too

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    This environment is with 2 DWP Servers and 4 Catalog servers with load balancer.



    Incorrect Configuration


    -When the Catalog is in a server group the FTS configuration needs to be verified. So when reproducing the problem in the "Bundle" logs are the first area to check the errors if captured for FTS.

      Error: error code [0]; OK (657): Unable to complete the full text search operation.; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: OK (657): Unable to complete the full text search operation. 
      -When pointing the Catalog to a specific (Primary) instead of a load balancer the search started to work.  
      To point the Catalog to a specific AR Server 
    Go to MyIT (or DWP if version is later) -  Admin console > More > Configuration > Enhanced Catalog and update the loadbalancer with a specific server. 
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    You can perform this for other secondary servers to further narrow down the problem. So when the search do not work when pointing to a specific server, this was found that the FTS Configuration under AR System Administration Console was not correct as the FTS port was clashing and needs to updated with a port that is not in use.  
      a) Please, make sure your are doing this as    dwpadmin or equivalent. This needs to be done under Common Server Configuration.  
    -  Primary server (updated the FTS Port from 9977 to 9944). You only need to update the port if port is being used by any other application, If not, you can skip all these steps and go to step b)  
    -  Plugin_svr_config.xml (Port  9944)  
    -  Secondary server: Need to update ar.conf file for Server-Plugin-Alias: ARSYS.ARF.FTS ARSYS.ARF.FTS server.com:9977 (changed to 9944)  
    -  Restart all the servers of the server group. 
      b) The reindex needs to be executed as hannah_admin@tenant.com  
    Note:    FTS needs to be re-indexed as hannah_admin 
    We can re-built the search cache using the below commands and scripts:  
    Go to <DWP C Install directory>/sb/rxscripts   
    • source ./bin/setenv.sh
    • ./bin/login.sh hannah_admin@<Tenant Name> <users password>
    • ./bin/service/refresh_search_cache.sh -f
    Starting from version 20.02 reset service cache operation can be executed from admin console by navigating to Application Settings -> Application Caches -> Reset Service Cache. 

    Reset Service Cache


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