ERROR 8760 Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plugin server

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    Customer received "ERROR (8760): Cannot establish a network connection to the AR System Plug-In server; ndmsnism3:9555" when trying to update a CI.  If the customer sets inline normalization to false in the ar.conf file, the error does not occur.


    Customer disabled the Java plugins for NE/RE processes


    The customer was having performance issues with their user-facing AR servers and wanted to prevent normalization jobs from running on those specific servers.  However, when the NE jobs were run on those servers, it gave errors instead of redirecting to an Admin AR server.

    The solution in this case would be either re-enable the NE/RE java plugins and then modify the ranking to exclude the user-facing AR servers from the NE/RE job list.  Another option would be to modify the ar.conf to redirect all NE/RE java plugin server/ports to the AR Admin servers that will handle the NE/RE jobs in addition to the server ranking list modification.

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