Reconciliation does not start when triggered from RE Console

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


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    AtriumCore CMDB & Reconciliation 9.x


    Symptoms are: you've triggered the job or had AR scheduler triggered it.
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    Legacy console (if you're still using it):

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    Server Information - Configuration shows that you are NOT in an AR Server Group:

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    Yet there are entries in the Ranking form which indicate ranking for RE:

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    In AR.Config (ar.cfg) you have the following entries even though this system is not in a server group: Reconciliation-Engine-Suspended: T This also applies if you do have a server group and ALL the AR Servers have this setting.



    If Standalone AR Server:


    Remove all ranked items, stop AR Server and remove all the Suspended settings from ar.cfg.
    Start the AR Server back up.

    For Server Grouped AR Servers.
    Stop AR Server to remove the Suspended flag from the ar.cfg on the server that is ranked as Primary 1 for ReconciliationEngine.
    Make sure that ONE of the servers in the group has the Suspended flag set to F (false).

    Reconciliation-Engine-Suspended: F
    CMDB-Service-Suspended: F

    Start AR Server. RE will now run all Queued Jobs.


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