CRQ stuck in Pending & Approval Error.

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    Remedy Change Management Application


    ODM - Remedy Change Management


    1. Create a Change Request and ad an Adhoc approval, and make sure there are no approvals mapped in next approval phase i.e Review, business, implementation, Close down.

    For example:
    - Create a change request and Save it. Now the CRQ is in Draft Status.
    - Ad an Adhoc approval and make sure there are no approvers mapped in Review phase.(If there is any approver mapped in Review phase then issue will not be replicable)
    - Now go to approval Central and Approved the request.
    - Go back to Change Request and refresh it, and click on ‘Next Stage’


    Defect# SW00510103 is logged for this issue.

    Work Around:

    Possible solution for hotfix / work-around
    1. Modify filter:
    Name: CHG:CRQ:DetermineApprovalStateStart_IfNoApproversGetAdhocApproverCount
    Form: CHG:Infrastructure Change
    EO: None (307) (Called by Guide)
    RI: ('ApproversCountForAutoApproval' = 0) AND ('Approval Definition ID' != $NULL$) AND ('z1D_ApprovalProcessType' = "Level")

                     If action 1 -> set fields -> server:
                                                       Form: AP:Detail
                                                       Quali: ($Request ID$ = 'Request') AND ('Application' = "CHG:Infrastructure Change") AND ('Process' LIKE $ApprovalProcessName$) AND ('Status-Dtl' = "Pending") AND ($z1D_ApprovalProcessType$ = "Level")
                                                       Form: AP:Detail-Signature
                                                       Quali: ($Request ID$ = 'Request') AND ('Application' = "CHG:Infrastructure Change") AND ('Process' LIKE $ApprovalProcessName$) AND ('Status-Dtl' = "Pending") AND ($z1D_ApprovalProcessType$ = "Level") AND ('Approval Status' = "Pending")

                                      INRM: Set fields to NULL
                                      IARM: Use first matching request
                                      Field mappings:
                                                       z1D Char02 = $Request$

                     If action 2 -> set fields -> current transaction: No changes to this action
                                      ApproversCountForAutoApproval = $LASTCOUNT$

    NOTE on behaviour with this possible workaround code fix:
    - In the defect/issue case, even though the adhoc approver is added and approved by adhoc approver, once the CRQ is moved from Draft to Next Stage, because there are no-mapped-approvers, the CRQ will move to "No approvers" status set in the Review phase in approval process configuration. This may be considered as a limitation for this work-around. And in future, when we will consider tis defect for a release, we will fix and document it appropriately.

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