Checkpoint For Smart Reporting Error (ARERR [9430])

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    Remedy AR System Server


    ITSM In-App Reporting


    Smart Reporting 9.0 /9.0 SP1 / 9.1


    • Checkpoint for Smart Reporting error  -  ARERR [9430]  ( Failed to get token for Remedy Smart Reporting).



    1) Logged in user does not have fixed or floating license in AR Server (Only applies to Smart Reporting 9.1 Onwards).


    2) AR Server or ITSM company to which user is logged in is not on boarded to Smart Reporting. We can check this by logging to Smart Reporting using Super Admin account (siadmin) and navigate to Client Organization to check whether the onboarding has been done or not.

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    3) Midtier configuration is missing or invalid. Check the Report setting in Midtier Configuration Page and re-save the setting.

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    4) Logged in user is a fresh user created in remedy. We need to wait (default - 12 hours) for the user sync job to run which will create the User in Smart Reporting and user will be able to login. The name of the escalation which runs every 12 hours is RSR:UpdateCompletedStatus.

    5) Smart Reporting server may not be running. We need to login to Smart Reporting Windows\Linux box and check if the server is running.

    For Linux, fire below command to check whether tomcat.exe is running or not.

    • ps -ef|grep tomcat

    If the tomcat is down we need to navigate to /opt/bmc/BMCSoftware/BMCARSystem/SmartReporting/appserver/bin folder and  run below command to start this service -

    • sudo ./
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