FAQ's About MainView for CICS 6.8.00 and the newly required MCT

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    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS 6.8.00 and above


    Why does MainView for CICS 6.8.00 need a CICS MCT entry?


    MainView for CICS 6.8.00 includes an architectural change which requires the use of an MCT entry in CICS. Data kept in the CICS performance record will be used to assist in the monitoring of tasks and in the processing of task resources.  Without the MCT entry, MainView for CICS will run in a limited mode.

    What are the benefits of the new design?

    • It streamlines task resource processing
    • It is part of a continued effort to improve performance – Initial testing shows a 5% decrease in task start/end processing
    • It is a key piece in the plan to one day provide our customers with the ability to upgrade without having to recycle CICS
    What does “limited mode” mean?

    In limited mode (no required MCT), we do not provide:   
    • Detail file information for DB2, MQ and DBCTL utilization data 
    • FIC2 data - controlled data collection for statistics
    • Program Timing and its cpu utilization data 
    • TD queue and TS queue utilization data
    • Connection/Session utilization data
    • TCP/IP utilization data collected by MainView for CICS 
    • Task detail tracing data (Summary trace data is still provided) 
    • Last-abended program name data 
    • Web Services utilization data
    • All 4th generation languages data 
    • Any user monitoring data via the CMRCUEX exit 
    • CMRDATA or CMRDATA2 record segments even if specified in the MCT
    • Task Kill  threshold monitoring for cpu, elapsed time and storage thresholds 
    Will I still get monitoring data in limited mode? 

    Yes. Data that is provided natively by CICS in the performance record will be available in the real-time views and history records.   

    How will I know if I am running in limited mode?   
    • The Extract Status field of the CREGAGT view will display "Limited"
    • Message FT3043 will be seen in the CICS log whenever a service is requested that cannot be supported because of limited mode
    How do I get out of limited mode? 

    Update the CICS MCT to include the required MainView for CICS MCT then recycle CICS. 

    What is the format of the required MCT entry? 

    See BBSAMP member CMRMVMCT for the format. 

    What is stored in the history record as a result of the required MCT? 

    A new 24-byte field called BMCMCT is in the  T6E record and in the SMF 110 record. It contains task flag indicators. The DSECT for this field is available in the CMRQT6E member of BBSAMP.   

    Does this new field affect batch reporting? 

    Batch jobs which process our record or the SMF record will have access to this new field because it is defined in the dictionary for the record. Third party products which process the record will need to know the field name if they want to include it in their reports.  

    The CMRPRLN program can report on this field by including T6EBMCMC in the USING statement.   

    We also provide sample SAS and COBOL jobs that access the new field. See BBSAMP members SASI6EXN and CMRCOBCN, respectively.  

    Is there a view which displays these flags?  

    The CHISTD view  displays  these flags in a field called Task Indicators. Help is available for this field.  

    Which versions of CICS is this MCT compatible with? 

    It is  compatible with and required for all of the versions supported  by MainView for CICS 6.8.00, namely:  

    CICS Transaction Server Version 5.4 
    CICS Transaction Server Version 5.3 
    CICS Transaction Server Version 5.2 
    CICS Transaction Server Version 5.1 
    CICS Transaction Server Version 4.2 
    CICS Transaction Server Version 4.1 




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