In TSCO, Random CPU spikes seen in data being for Windows servers that have CPU utilization spikes much > 100%. i.e. 500% - 100,000% CPU

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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization




    A TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) Agent/BPA agent reports random CPU spikes in data being populated into TSCO and Perceiver for Windows servers that have CPU utilization spikes much > 100%. i.e. 500% - 100,000% CPU.

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    Defect - QM002256315 : Workload CPU Utilization over 100%


    There are two potential areas where this problem may be seen:
      (A) System level CPU utilization data
      (B) Workload level CPU utilization data



    System level CPU utilization over 100% in TSCO 11.5 Gateway Manager

    In relation to system level CPU utilization data TSCO version 11.5 Analyze has code to detect invalid CPU spikes and suppress Analyze from generating output for that system during the problem intervals.  When this protective code is triggered the following message will be generated into the Analyze log file (*.anlog) and into the *.ProcessDay.out log on the Linux console during a Manager run: 
      best1analyze-W-WARNING, Warning: Out of bounds CPU value reported from NT Processor Statistics for node <node_name>. Data will not be processed for this interval.  

    System level CPU TSCO 11.3.01 Gateway Manager

    The problem where CPU utilization is reported about 100% for TSCO Agents (particularly Windows machines) has been seen in TSCO 11.3.01 but the same data processed through TSCO 11.5.01 is detected as having problematic CPU reporting and the bad output is suppressed.  The current recommendation is to upgrade to the TSCO 11.5.01 Gateway Server but if that isn't an option contact Technical Support for further analysis.  



    Workload CPU incorrectly over 100%

    In relation to the workload CPU utilization being over 100%, this problem is being tracked by defect QM002256315 and a fix is available from the latest TrueSight Capacity Optimization Gateway Server CHF for TSCO 10.5.01 ( and should be addressed in all subsequent TSCO releases (TSCO 10.7.01 and later) without any patches needing to be applied. 


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