TSSA/BSA: UPI installer failed as it failed to detect RSCD agent on file server (The following prerequisites are not met for the discovered server in this environment...)

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BladeLogic Server Automation


    All BSA versions above 8.6.X


    BSA upgrade via Unified Product Installer (UPI) shows below message, even though RSCD agent is up and running in the file server:

    The following prerequisites are not met for the discovered server in this environment. Please make sure all the prerequisites are met before upgrading the environment.

    You have chosen to manually install an RSCD agent on the specified file server host. However RSCD agent detection failed on host: <hostname>, port: 4750. To proceed, install an RSCD agent on the file server host, as described in the documentation.

    screenshot of the error


    Most likely a problem with accessing the RSCD agent, due to ACLs



    1) From the Appserver where the UPI is being run, open an NSH prompt as the same OS user who kicked off the UPI

    If the NSH prompt fails to launch or gives and error/warning, this could be the issue causing the UPI problem and this should be resolved before proceeding.

    2) Once the NSH prompt is launched, from the NSH prompt run the below command against all appservers and the fileserver:

    agentinfo hostnamexyz

    The output should confirm that you are being mapped to root/root (Linux) or Adminis

    C:\tmp>agentinfo hostnamexyz
      User Permissions: 0/0 (root/root)


    User Permissions: BladeLogicRSCD@hostnamexyz->Administrator@hostnamexyz:PrivilegeMapped (Identity via trust)

    3) If the output is "nobody/nobody" or  "Anonymous" or agentinfo is failing this must be resolved before rerunning the UPI.

    Only when the agentinfo output looks like the above against all appserver hosts and the fileserver, should the UPI be rerun.

    See Agent Acls (exports, users, users.local) on remote server to resolve incorrect mappings. These can be changed back after the upgrade.
    The entry which is most commonly required but missing is the following from the users.local file of the remote server:

    root rw,map=root 
    myWindowsOSUser rw,map=Administrator

    This will map the OS user on the server where the UPI is being launched to the local root or Administrator user so that when the requested comes across from the UPI, the UPI will have the appropriate permissions to upgrade the BSA components on that server.

    If the error is not resolved with the steps above, if a support case is opened with BMC Customer Support include:


    * the steps followed above and results found
    * a copy of the UPI log, bsainstallupgrade.log


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