Remedy Smart Reporting - Updating External Instance Base URL

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    Where to configure External Instance Base URL in Smart Reporting?


    To update 'External Instance Base URL' in Smart Reporting:

    • Login as the super admin in Smart Reporting
    • Navigate to Administration > Configuration > System > General Settings.
    The below documentation contain steps on how to enable sharing of reports via email, including the above steps:   Note: 

    The user must run the 'Enable Report Sharing via URL' utility every time the following configurations have been changed, which is accessible via the onboarding console.  
    • Admin > Config > System > General Settings > External Instance Base URL; or
    • Admin > Config > System > Custom Parameters are updated
    Attached is a document showing the changes in the backend when the "Enable Report Sharing via URL" utility is either not run or run after the above configurations have changed. 


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