How to work on pages with AJAX in selenium?

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    Running on pages with AJAX

    Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

    AJAX isn't a brand new programming language, but a new way to use

    existing requirements.

    AJAX is the artwork of changing facts with a server, and update parts of

    a web web page – without reloading the whole web page.

    AJAX is a technique for growing rapid and dynamic net pages.


    Start Selenium IDE

    Record a few steps – run the script. It fails some where then,


    Rght-click on at the step that failed in order that the Selenium IDE context menu


    click on Insert New Command.

    within the Command select container, kind waitForElementPresent or choose it from

    the drop-down list.

    within the target container, upload the target that is used inside the verifyText command.

    Run the check again, and it need to pass this time


    The following instructions make up the waitFor set of instructions, however this isn't an exhaustive listing:




           waitForElementNotPresent waitForTextPresent