TrueSight Operations Management Orientation Checklist

Version 27

    Welcome to the customer orientation checklist for TrueSight Operations.

    If you are a new BMC customer please ensure that you have followed the steps described on the BMC online orientation web page and then come back to this page to complete your orientation.

    01: New to TrueSight Operations

    = Mandatory




    Add your Support ID(s) to your BMC account
    Help: Read document or Watch video
    Download TrueSight Operations
    Help: Read document or Watch video

    Bookmark the TrueSight Operations product information page

    Sign up for Product Alerts

    Help: Read document

    Explore extensions and partner solutions in the BMC Marketplace

    02: Find solutions and join the conversation

    = Mandatory




    Search for TrueSight Operations resources
    Help: Read document

    Follow the top users in the TrueSight Operations community

    Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan Razeem Mohamed Betty Neumann Roland Pocek Charles Kelley

    Help: Read document

    Follow the BMC TrueSight support blogs
    Help:Read document

    Vote on TrueSight Infrastructure Management ideas (requested product enhancements)

    Help: Read document

    Check out the How-to videos for TrueSight Operations (on YouTube)
    Help: Read document

    03: Make the most of the documentation

    Read through the TrueSight Operations 11.3 documentation or if you haven't upgraded: 11.0, 10.7 or 10.5

    Help: How to leave a comment on a documentation page

    Help: How to follow a documentation page in order to be notified of changes to documentation

    Find the list of TrueSight Operations connectors for monitoring

    04: Get trained


    Check out the TrueSight Operations learning path
    Help: Read document

    Get a sneak peak on next version with Beta Programs

    05: Services


    Check out what services can do for you

    06: Upgrade


    Check the Upgrade documentation
    Learn about the AMIGO program for product upgrades.