Using chrome://net-export/ to troubleshoot ARERR 9350/9351 or http 0 errors - Remedy AR System Mid Tier

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Any web application browsed using chrome


    Using the Chrome F12 network capture, some cancelled requests are seen but they are not capture with the Fiddler utility.   Other symptoms are that the users may see ARERR 9350/9351 errors with http status 0.
    How can I understand the reason behind that?


     To use chrome://net-export/

    • Open the Chrome browser 
    • Open this url "chrome://net-export/".  Select "include raw bytes"  and click "Start Logging to disk" (Chrome will ask you for the location of the file where log will be saved) 
    • Make sure the tab where net-export is open stays open, closing it will stop the logs too.
    • Navigate the application causing the problem
    • Once the problem replicates go back to "chrome://net-export/" tab and click "Stop Logging"
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    This log can then be loaded by Chrome. 
    Some situations that have been found with this log  
    • Network cache (causing redirection from HTTP to https)
    • DNS issues as OS DNS entries expire too fast (every few seconds)
    • Network problem OS 10054 error
    • Connection aborted OS error 10053 
    • Traffic shaper on the ISP providing Server connectivity to Mid-tier server capping bandwidth 
    • Firewall blocking transactions or packets
    • Some chrome extensions like found to redirect from POST backchannel request to GET, but without the POST payload, therefore the request is invalid for Mid-tier purposes
    Reference article:    How to read Chrome Internals logs


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