How to upgrade MyIT 3.3.02 Digital Workplace Basic to Advanced?

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    MyIT 3.3.02 and If upgraded initially from Smart It 1.6/3.5 To 2.0/18.02 DWP Basic and then want to update 2.0/18.02 DWP Basic to 2.0/18.02 DWP Advanced.


    Scenario 1 : We upgraded to the 3.3.02 Basic-Version of MyIT however now it seems that we would have needed the Advanced-Version as this environment is integrated with a Service Broker-Server.

    The installer does not allow to run the upgrade again so that we could choose the Advanced-Option. See attached screenshot.
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    What is the recommended way to upgrade MyIt 3.3.02 Digital Workplace Basic to Advanced version?

    Scenario 2:  If upgraded initially from Smart It 1.6/3.5 To  2.0/18.02 DWP Basic and want to update 2.0/18.02 DWP Basic to 2.0/18.02 DWP Advanced. We run the installer for 2.0/18.02 DWP Advanced , it gives the same error mentioned in the screenshot above.


    Kindly download the script.jar file , and ReadMe file from below ftp.

    Once downloaded follow the ReadMe.docx  to implement which will help update from Basic to Advanced version.

    NOTE: We recommend you to take all necessary backup before following ReadMe Steps . Also there is no need to run the DWP Advance Installer again , only run the script.jar as per the readme and it will change the DWP from Basic to Advanced. To verify if DWP is Adavnce, once you run the script, login to DWP Admin console , go to Configuration settings and check if Location feature is enabled. If yes DWP is Advanced.

    Make sure you have /files/ present into the Disk1 folder.
    In other words, we should have installer ( path to the original 3.x basic installer ) present in the Disc1 folder. 

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