How to capture a problem using Fiddler

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Support is requesting that the error be captured using the Fiddler utility.


    The fiddler tool can be downloaded from:

    Creating a re-playable Fiddler capture for AR System Remedy MidTier
    Step 1 – Configure fiddler to decrypt HTTPS/SSL traffic.
    (NOTE: If your MidTier site does not use HTTPS/SSL, skip this step)
    1. In Fiddler, select ‘Tools > Fiddler Options...’
    2. Select the HTTPS tab, and enable the following settings:

    • Capture HTTPS CONNECTs
    • Decrypt HTTPS traffic
    • Ignore server certificate errors
    Step 2 - Creating the re-playable capture 
    Create the Fiddler capture using these steps in the below order listed. Do not deviate from this order: 
    1. Close all open browser windows. 
    2. Open a new browser window. 
    3. Clear browser temporary internet files. 
    4. Start Fiddler before attempting to go to any Mid-Tier related URL. 
    5. Login and perform the required steps to reproduce the issue. 
    6. Save all Fiddler transactions by doing File/Save/All sessions. 
    IMPORTANT: Be sure to use the default .saz file type when saving. 
    Step 3 – Document the steps and browser used to reproduce the problem 
    In order to correctly replay the fiddler capture, we’ll need to know what browser (and version) was used (so we can replay it with the same one) and the exact steps taken to reproduce the problem (so we can use those exact same steps) 

    If company rules prevent the installation of Fiddler, the network capture functionality of the supported browsers can be used instead.     The only con of this method is that the capture does not cross new windows or tabs. 
    How to capture network traffic using F12 (Developer Tools) when Fiddler is not an option


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