BCM:  How to Upgrade Windows 10 with BCM Patch Management?

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    BCM >= 12.0


    Is Windows 10 Creator's Update supported?

    Can I update my Windows 10 to Windows 10 1607 or 1703?


    As the Windows 10 versions are important upgrades, Microsoft doesn't provide direct links to download the upgrade files for 1607 or 1703, they instead provide an ISO file to download. As a result Shavlik cannot supply the URL to download the ISOs automatically, so the user must do this step manually and supply the ISO to the Patch Manager.
    The following focuses on 1607 but it also applies to 1703 and probably following.

    1- Create the Windows 10 update ISO file
    There are two ways to proceed, the method 1 being the easiest:

      1- download the ISO file directly from the MSDN web site, if you have an account there. The Multiple Edition ISO files work too.  
      2- if you don't have a msdn account then open a session on a WIndows 10 device then download the ISO that you need by using the Microsoft tool MediaCreationTool.exe available from    this URL
    If the second method is ued (the MediaCreationTool.exe method), then follow these steps to download the ISO file: 

    - Launch the tool then select "Create installation media for another PC": 
      User-added image
    - Select the Language, the Edition and the Architecture: 
      User-added image
    - Choose "ISO File": 
      User-added image
    - Save the windows.iso file 

    2- The version number of the windows.iso that got downloaded could  be found by following below steps  
    • Mount the iso 
    • It loads as a drive
    • Check the Product version of the Setup.exe  eg if the Product version :10.0.17763.1 the the iso that got downloaded is Windows 10 Version 1809
    3- Rename the iso file: 
    You need to rename them accordingly to the Shavlik's recommandation (PatchKey). The PatchKey information can be found in the PatchLanguages table in the database, in the the PatchKey column when a patch is downloaded. 

    Example: a Windows 10 64 bit Professional American version 1511 is installed on the target, the windows.iso version 1607 has been downloaded then renamed "Windows10x64Professional1607.iso": 
    - If the language is American, there's no need to add the language name to the ISO filename. 
    - If it is another language than American, the language must be specified at the end of the filename:  
      Windows10x64Professional1607_FRA.iso (for the French language)  
    Windows10x64Professional1607_GER.iso (for the German language)  
    Windows10x64Professional1607_ENU.iso (for the English language)  
    Windows10x64Professional1607_JPN.iso (for the Japanese language) 
    To find the name of the iso you can run a query similar to this on the db: 
      Select Patchkey from PatchLanguages where Patchkey like '%1709%', 
    As an example, if you're looking into patching your devices to Windows 10 1709. 

    4- Copy the iso file to the patch repository
    The patch repository is usually stored to store patches that must be moved to another disk or that were downloaded by other ways. 
    - Check if a patch repository has already been configured on your patch manager: 
          User-added image 
     If no patch repository had been set yet, set one. The patch module will always look in this folder prior to downloading any patch. If the patch it's looking for is there it'll use it as if it had been download by itself. 
    - Copy/move the ISO files to this folder 

    5- Create a patch group
    Business as usual: 
    - Create a new Patch Group 
    - Select "Service Pack Only" then select the Windows 10 version 1607 Service Pack: 
      User-added image
     - Add the affected devices corresponding to the Windows 10 to upgrade (Windows 10 or Windows 10 version 1511): 
      User-added image
     - Select the languages, the ISO file(s) added in the repository must correspond to the selected language(s): 
      User-added image
    -   It is important to uncheck the option "Only Reboot if Requested by Patch", because the device must reboot after the first installation step of the upgrade in order to continue the other steps of the installation after the first reboot. 

    - How-to from Shavlik: https://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-24181 
    - Another method can be found at   the source of this document, do not hesitate to read it as well. 


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