Email Notification not working for ITSM Applications

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    Email Notification not working.



    Configuration Data


    System was not generating any email for ITSM notifications. On checking the configuration data on Notification related form we found that someone has modified the configuration data which was making code to fail. Also we found some filters related notification was also disabled.

    We shared the OOB configuration data for below 3 forms.

    1. NTE: SYS-Define NT EVENTS
    3. NTE:CFG Notification Event
    5. SYS:Notification Messages
       Also we shared OOB logs for Incident creation life cycle. This helped to identify the filters which are getting executed in the transaction. Upon checking the filters, we found that those were disabled thus we enabled it and this helped customer resolve the Email Notification Issue.

    In addition to this customer requirement was to send notification to customer on status change. I shared the OOB Notification guide with customer  which helped customer about the available OOB notification events in system. Below is the document.

    Hope this helps.


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