MyIT SB - 500 Internal Server Error when SB is Enabled

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    MyIT Service Broker


    Whenever SB is enabled in MyIT Admin, navigating to Catalog Sections (from Service Requests tab) yields the following error “Server Encountered an Internal Error, look at application error logs for details JsonSyntax Exception Further stable work of this page is not guaranteed”.  The error does not occur when SB is not enabled.  

    Other related errors:
    - 500 Internal Server error can be seen in the browser logging.  
    - “Exception while setting Content-Security-Policy. Exception: null” is seen in UX Debug log.



    Likely due to incorrect URL configuration in Service Broker URL in the MyIT Admin Configuration settings


    Update the Service Broker URL in the MyIT Admin Configuration settings:

    1) If running SB 3.2, the SB url should just be http://<<SB host name>>:8008/
    2) If running SB 3.3, then it should be http://<<SB host name>>:8008/api/myit-sb.

    Save the changes and try again. 

    To find out the version of SB you are running, enter the following URL in your browser: 
    3.2: http://<server url>:8008/api/myitsbe/version
    3.3: http://<server url>:8008/api/myit-sb/version

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