Control-D/WebAccess Server - When transforming a large AFP report to PDF message "The limit of maximum rendered pages, has been reached" is displayed.

Version 6
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      When transforming a report to PDF from the WebAccess interface, by default the maximum number pages that is transformed is 2000,
    and an error message is displayed, stating that the max rendered pages limit has been reached. and the end of the pages are not displayed.

    The full message is seen at the end of the transformed PDF report as follows:

    The limit of maximum rendered pages,
    has been reached.
    The remaining pages will not be displayed.




    The 2000 page rendering limitation is set by default in the WebAccess Server transformer configuration to prevent excessive consumption of processing resources.  This setting must be changed in all 3 places below: 

      1.The maxrenderpages parameter located in the "<install path>\transformer\config\transformer.ini" file.
      2. On the mainframe, increase the value as well in <IOA prefix>.MSGENG($$CLIQUE).
      3. In "<install path>\config\ctd_dal_report_clique_build.txt", look in the following section: 
    TITLE=Max Render Pages;
    HELP=Maximum number of pages to Transform under WebAccess Server.;
    HELP=Transformation is stopped and the message specified in the ;
    HELP=maxrndr.tbl file in the default resource directory, is added ;
    HELP=as a last page. ;
      Change the DEFAULT parameter to the desired value. This will create all transformations with this default, so you will not have to define this parameter in the transformer.ini .
      4. NOTE: If the transformation has already ran at least once, there is an existing clique using the old MAXRENDERPAGES value.
    It is stored in the following folder:
    <Installation Path>\transformer\res\resource\CLQ\CLQ 
    To take the new MAXRENDERPAGES value into account, you must remove the existing clique with one of the following method:

    - rename the last CLQ folder name or
    - delete the last CLQ content.
      5. If the above steps do not help, this means that there is a non-default Report Clique used during decollation and the Max Render Pages parameter would have to be set in this clique.
    If the reports are decollated on the mainframe with ON TRNCLASS / ON TRNDSN, their report Clique on the mainframe has to be updated also.
      6. The "<install path>\transformer\config\transformer.ini" can be used to override this parameter. To do so, specify the correct report name or mask in the [] and specify the new parameter value: 
    Add the following sections to your transformer.ini


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