Reputation & Points System Explained

Version 6

    << what points used to be before October 2013


    Reputation is based on engagement.

    The more value users provide, the more they get.


    Reputation Breakdown:

    • Points: they are given to each user based on activity (from this user, of from other users on posts from him
      • On Each User Profile, the total number of points is displayed
      • On a given Community/Group, points received in the very place are displayed in the leaderboard
    • Rewards (also know as Badges): stamp that the user achieve something specific
    • Missions: they provide step by step guide to achieve Rewards (see current Overview)



    Can I get points while doing nothing?

    Sure, if users interact on posts you've done.

    So trendy users (for example who socialize PPTs or PDFs - using "upload a file") see their reputation growing also when they sleep.


    Do all Rewards credit points?

    Some rewards do, but usually points are given based on exact behavior.

    For example,

    • when a user logs in, he'll receive a couple of points. Yes, each time!
    • And when a user logs in enough time (3 times in 3 days I believe), he'll receive the "Welcome Back" reward. And this happens once.


    Can a Reward belong to several Missions?

    No, a reward belongs to one Mission max.

    Note: some hidden reward may exist (have some of you found any?), they are not displayed in any Mission to give a good surprise