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    AR System Email Engine attachments and performance considerations.






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    For scenarios where Email Engine stability is being affected due to attachment processing, first step you can verify the following:
    From the available documentation:
    - Settings in the file - 

    Specifies the attachment types that you want to permit in an email message and the maximum size of each attachment.
    MaxAttachSize specifies the maximum size limit for attachments, whereas MaxAttachSizeFileExtensions specifies the file types by using comma-separated extensions.
    These properties must be used together to impose limits on email attachments of specific file types.

    For example, to set the maximum size of .doc, .pdf, and .xls attachments to 1000000 bytes (1 MB), use the following syntax: 
    com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon. MaxAttachSizeFileExtensions=doc,pdf,xls 

    The size limit is not imposed on files whose extensions are not specified by using MaxAttachSizeFileExtensions.
    Email messages with attachments that exceed this limit are logged to the AR System Email Error Logs form. 
    Optionally, you can create workflow for this form to process such messages separately.

    By default these parameters are not part of the E-mail Engine parameters. To add them please follow these steps:

    1- Go to AR System Administration > AR System Administration Console

              User-added image

    2- Select System > General > Centralized Configuration

              User-added image

    3- Select component com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon -- and then your server name

              User-added image

    4- Add the parameters com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.MaxAttachSize and com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon.MaxAttachSizeFileExtensions

              User-added image

              We followed the settings mentioned in the documentation for this example setting them with the values:
              com.bmc.arsys.emaildaemon. MaxAttachSizeFileExtensions=doc,pdf,xls 

              To do so:
              a) Click Add.
              b) Type the parameter name.
              c) Enter the desired values.
              d) To add another parameter start from step (a).
              e) Once you are finished, press Apply.

    The Email Engine will not process any attachments larger than what is specified in the emaildaemon component configured in the Centralized Configuration form, those messages will be deleted.
    For incoming email, the mail server is sending the attachment to the Email Engine but will not process large attachments with the MaxAttachSize parameters enabled.
    Also, it may be possible to apply additional rules to limit attachment size on the mail server but you will have to follow-up with your email administrator for more information restricting attachments.

    This limitation can be set, for example, on the Exchange Server itself. The Exchange Server Mailbox store Properties have a tab named as Limits, which helps you set the limitation on Incoming mails.
    We do not recommend any specific attachment size, but we stress the key that re-educating end users about attachment sizing could help to improve the overall Email Engine functionality in all aspects.

    The Email Engine attachments are stored in the AR System Email Attachments form.

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    Attachments are sent with an email using the AR System Email Messages form and the AR System Email Attachments form. The AR System Email Attachments form stores attachments for incoming and outgoing emails. It also stores attachments for templates, such as a graphic for an HTML template. The system associates the attachment with a specific email in the AR System Email Association form.
    NOTE: Having a large number of records in the email messages and email attachment forms might degrade the performance of the Email Engine

    On database, this is stored on B tables type ("T" or main data table, "H" or history status table, "B" or attachment tables).

              User-added image

    The email notifications that contains attachments are being stored in sequence, example:
    attachment00001, attachment00002, attachment00003, etc... (this is a symbolic example)

    More information:
    AR System Email Attachments form

    The attachment tables for a form



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