How to define and schedule a series of jobs in a flow to run cyclic on Control-M/Enterprise Manager?

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    - How to define and schedule a series of jobs in a flow to run cyclic on Control-M/Enterprise Manager?
    - How can I schedule a series of jobs to all run in sequence multiple times in a day on Control-M/Enterprise Manager??
    - How to define a series of jobs that will run in a continuous cyclic on Control-M/Enterprise Manager??


    With Control-M versions 9.0.18 and higher, a cyclic smart folder can be used for this purpose.

    In lower versions, the way to accomplish this task is to make each job in the series cyclic and set the In Conditions in the Prerequisites tab to "Delete Condition After Job Ends".
    These are the steps:
    - Define a IN-Condition for the 1st Job where the IN-Condition will be created by the last job
    - Define a series of jobs with IN condition created by precedence job so the jobs will run in series
    - Define each job to delete the IN-Condition after executing
    - Define a job to create the IN-Condition used by the 1st job to start the flow
    For example:
    - JobSTART: OUT-Condition COND_C
    - JobA: IN-Condition COND_C / OUT-Condition COND_A(+) COND_C(-)
    - JobB: IN-Condition COND_A / OUT-Condition COND_B(+) COND_A(-)
    - JobC: IN-Condition COND_B / OUT COND_C(+) COND_B(-)
    In this way,
    - JOBSTART will create COND_C (forJobA to run)
    - JobA will start when JOBSTART ended and COND_C is created
    - JobA will delete COND_C and create COND_A (for JobB to run)
    - JobB will start when JobA ended and COND_A is created
    - JobB will delete COND_A and create COND_B (for JobC to run)
    - JobC will start when JobB ended and COND_B is created

    - JobC will delete COND_B and create COND_C (for JobA to run)

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