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    How do I create a report showing all software detected in my environment?


    BCM already has a report that displays this data out of the box. Under the reports node, look for the report called "Global Software List". This will give a flat list of every software detected as installed by an agent or by remote inventory(Asset Discovery).

    A- Report on all devices:
    Add device name to this report so it will a breakdown of each device and the software that has installed using these steps:

    1, Create a copy of the report by right-clicking on it in the left pane and selecting copy.
    2. Right-click again under reports and click paste. This should now show a report called Global Software List (1).
    3. rename this to Global Software list by device or something else that helps identify it by double-clicking on the general tab.
    4. Expand the copied report in the left pane, go into sub-reports, then subreport 1.
    5. In the Columns tab, add 'Name' from the list, checking the boxes for a group by and heading. This will group things by device name.
    6. Move this column header to the top using the arrows in the toolbar.

    The report may need to set each of the other options 'group by' field to yes from no. No others should have heading except the name. It would look similar to this:

    List of columns including Device Name as a header.
    Generating the report after this will group things together by device. 
    7. Generate the report

    B- Report on one device only:same steps than in "A-"

    1. Go to the node "Queries" and create a new query of the type "Device":

    User-added image

    To get the report on the software inventory of another device, simply just edit the query and change the name of the device

    2. Go though the steps 1 to 6 from A-
    3. Select the query which created in B- 1 in the drop-down "Query Name" at the top
    4. Generate the report.

    Using this similar method user can create multiple or specific query based report.

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