Load Balancer Monitor

Version 2
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    APL LB Monitor is used to monitor the availability of either a Remedy AR System server or a Remedy Mid-Tier instance. Use this tool in conjunction with a load balancer’s health check feature to route traffic to responsive servers.


    Monitoring just a Remedy server’s TCP port or the Mid-Tier’s web server port is an indication that a process is allowing TCP connections however such a connection does not ensure that the system is responsive in a way that is useful to users or integrated systems. Many Remedy admins have experienced situations where the Remedy server is up and technically running but is “hung” and not processing responses to connected clients, often leading to timeout errors. APL Load Balancer Monitor (APL LBM) goes beyond just a process allowing TCP connections and “works” the Remedy server to make sure the system is in a useful state.


    Load Balancer Monitor – A Programming Legacy