MAC address information not being populated  into Atrium CMDB during a Client Management Import

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    Client Management Atrium CMDB Integration.


    The Client Management Atrium CMDB Integration does not create or populate a LanEndpoint class CI containing MacAddress information.  This is a manual workaround to resolve this issue until this ability is included in the Client Management Atrium CMDB Integration product.


    LanEndpoint class was inadvertently omitted from the product installer.


    To create a process that imports Mac Address from Client Management into Atrium CMDB perform the following steps:

    1. Verify that the Mac Address LanEndpoint field is configured to have a max length of 17 characters:
    3. User-added image
    5. Extract the Attached Zip file into a location on your CMDB server where Atrium Integrator is installed
    7. For each of the 6 files perform the following steps in Spoon to import the new or updated methods:    
      • Select File -> Import from an XML file, navigate to the folder where the zip file was extracted to and select one of the six files.
      • Select File -> Save As -> In the resulting dialog set the following fields:      
        • Set the repository storage folder for the BCM 1.6 existing jobs:
        • User-added image
        • Select the Logging Tab -> Transformation (or Job depending on file) and select the PDI Repository connection for Production:
        • User-added image
        • One the Folder and Logging properties are defined select "OK" to save the file.          
          • Since four of the six files replace existing objects with the same name, when saving these select OK to the following dialog:
          • User-added image
    When the above process has been completed for each of the six files, verify that the BCM 1.6 Repository folder contains the newly updates records: 
      User-added image



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